Patents Filed

# Title Country Institute
1. CMOS wideband RF amplifier with gain roll-off compensation for external parasitics US IISc Bangalore
2. A current source array for high resolution high speed digital to Analog converters India IIT Gandhinagar
3 A lateral DMOS transistor and method of fabricating thereof India IIT Gandhinagar
4 An ultra low power, read decoupled-differential write, 10t sram cell with larger read/write noise margin India IIT Indore
5 Offset compensated data sensing technique for low energy embedded RAM India IIT Indore
6 On-Chip Jitter measurement circuit for high speed data and clock, high-speed voltage controlled CML hysteresis delay cell and ring oscillator using the same,low power high dynamic range programmable gain amplifier India IIT Kharagpur
7 Ultra low trans conductance amplifier using carbon nano tube field effect transistor India MNIT Jaipur
8 Power supply noise reduction using clock gating with variable frequency as global clock India NIT Agartala
9 N-stage OTA buffer amplifiers with unity gain and high input dynamic range and tunable gain for driving large resistance loads India NIT Calicut
10 Internet of things enabled energy management system India NIT Hamirpur
11 Method and System for enriching life in a humanly maintained aquaculture environment India NIT Hamirpur
12 A novel microfluidic approach for bio-mems applications India SVNIT Surat
13 Fully differential clocked comparator for pipelined analog - to - digital converter India TIET Patiala
14 A Scalable compact digital-in concept comparator for adc India TIET Patiala
15 Polymer electrostatic mems cantilever beam India VNIT Nagpur
16 High speed voltage controlled cml hysteresis delay cell and ring oscillator using the same India IIT Kharagpur
17 An auxiliary circuit in Analog-to-Digital Converter for adaptive sampling architecture. India NIT Goa